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1Abraham Lincoln Research Site

A well organized, popular, and wonderful site maintained by Mr. Roger Norton, a retired American history teacher and active Lincoln admirer.  The site which has been visited over three million times since 1996 contains Lincoln biography, photos, information on Lincoln's life, quotes, accomplishments, assassination, and an ample and useful link page.  An outstanding feature of the site is Mr. Norton's generous offer and ability to research any specific question a visitor might have on Abraham Lincoln.

2. Abraham Lincoln Newspaper Archive

A free online resource provided by NewspaperARCHIVE.com, containing original stories from Lincoln's life, including his presidential campaign in 1860, the Gettysburg Address and his assassination on April 14, 1865. 

3.  The Lincoln Museum

The Lincoln Museum:  Research Library, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Abraham Lincoln through research, preservation, exhibitry and education.  In addition to an incredible museum display of Lincoln artifacts and historical information, the museum has a well equipped and staffed research library available for all varieties and levels of study.  The staff is also eager to assist in research involving their comprehensive collection of books, documents, prints and engravings, original art, and 19th century photographs.  Reproduction photos can be ordered for a nominal fee similar to that of the Library of Congress.  The staff is knowledgeable, dedicated, and very helpful

4.  Abraham Lincoln Association

Collected works of Lincoln's correspondence, speeches, and other writings online reference database. Very well organized and easy to use online database. 

5.  Lincoln Legal Papers

"A Documentary History of the Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln, 1836-1861" Presented by the Abraham Lincoln Association  Lincoln Legal Papers Project. 

6.  Illinois State Archives

Illinois State Library Lincoln Documents, Springfield Illinois. 


7.  Illinois State Historic Library

Illinois State Historic Library Lincoln Collection, Springfield Illinois


8.  Library of Congress

Abraham Lincoln Papers. A collaborative project of the Library of Congress Manuscript Division and the Lincoln Studies Center of Knox College.  It contains over 20,000 documents including speeches, correspondence, notes, and other printed material. 


9.  Library of Congress

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library


University Libraries with Lincoln Collections

1.  Knox College

Lincoln Study Center at Knox College in Galesburg Illinois


2.  University of Illinois

University of Illinois Library at Urbana Illinois. Lincoln Collection has 10,000 items including speeches, correspondence, old newspaper articles, political pamphlets, prints, photographs, audio and video tapes.  By appointment only, not online.


3.  University of Chicago

University of Chicago, Rev William Barton (1861-1930), Lincoln Collection. Acquired in 1934 comprises 3,500 books on Lincoln, autographs, speeches, correspondence, briefs, pardons, commission, and art work.  The book collection can be accessed through an online catalog.  


4.  Lincoln / Net 

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project by the University of Northern Illinois in Dekalb Illinois. An excellent and comprehensive online educational site featuring text, video, images and sound with an online collection detailing Lincoln's Illinois years from 1830 to 1861.  Participating institutions include: Illinois State Library, Springfield; Newberry Library, Chicago; Chicago Historical Society, Chicago; Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois; University of Chicago, Chicago; Illinois State University, Normal; Illinois State Archives, Springfield; Knox College, Galesburg; Northwestern University, Evanstonville.    

5.  Boston University

Lincoln Collection comprised from collections of Edward C. Stone and F. Lauriston Bullard.  Collection has over five thousand books as well as numerous other Lincoln documents.  


6.  University of Delaware

Lincoln Collection began with the donation in 1938 of the private collection of Frank G. Tallman.  Maintained and presented in collaboration with the Tallman family and the Lincoln Club of Delaware.  Located at the Hugh M. Morris Library on the Newark campus and the Goodstay Center in Willmington. Collection includes over two thousand books, pamphlets, photos, art, artifacts, and historical documents. 


7.  Bridgewater State College

Lincoln Collection has 2,000 titles as well as numerous other documents, photos, letters, and art work.  Collection was created with individual donations by Arthur Lloyd Hayden, Elmer W. Page, and Claude Simmons, and has been maintained and improved by numerous other benefactors.  


8.  Franklin and Marshall College

Lancaster PA. Lincoln Collection of W.W. Griest (1858-1929) Mr. Griest was a U.S. Congressman who introduced bill in 1911 for the creation of the Lincoln Memorial.  His Collection includes all known Lincoln photos and other prints and images.  

9.  Lincoln Memorial University

Abraham Lincoln Memorial University Library in Harrogate Tennessee.


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